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Technical measures ( ground measurements)

Electrical installation control and reporting, the plant uses electricity plant are to measure the reliability and availability in different ways and is an engineering study to evaluate . In this study, work equipment must be made ​​related to health and safety regulations.


During this study, a general review of the business is done on electrical installations . Looking at the main components needed to be done and reporting are as follows:


Plant protection and business grounding , Dashboard safety, electrical distribution facilities projects, electrical fire safety, conducting and insulating state boards , electrical safety of equipment and machinery in the plant

These regulations and standards in the resort for the work carried out a series of measurements , including visual inspection and control activities in particular in the light . These measurements ; grounding, lighting, insulation boards and conductor tests, leakage relay testing and thermal imaging camera when considered as necessary. These controls are the result of deficiencies reported by an authorized electrical engineer. control period in the plant must be as indicated below.


Control periods ;


1) electricity generation , transmission and distribution facilities (excluding energy transmission and distribution lines ) for 2 years ,


2) for power transmission and distribution lines : 5 years


3) for industrial facilities and commercial centers :


i) the examination and measurement of the resistance on the ground : 1 year,


ii) other examination related ground facilities, measurement and controls: 2 years


4) for non- fixed installations :


i) Fixed operating elements : 1 year,


ii) for the actuating member may be substituted : 6 months.

5) flammable , explosive hazardous and noxious substances or studied workplaces and work in ground facilities under the regulations on measures to be taken examination of working grounded in the workplace in a wet environment , measurement and inspection periods can not exceed one year.


Electrical installations must reporting staff is extremely important both in terms of plant safety , the authority that controls an independent and impartial manner, it is important that the experts in electrical engineering. UZMAN MUAYENE, reporting of expert engineers with electrical installation for the safety of facilities and conducts business in accordance with regulations and standards.


Performed by UZMAN MUAYENE Installation Controls


▪ Grounding: Grounding systems of measurement and control , body protective earthing

▪ measurement and control systems of Lightning

▪ Electrical Installation Compliance Controls

▪ Cathodic Protection

▪ Electricity Board