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About Us

UZMAN MUAYENE VE GOZETIM  was established in 2008 in Istanbul. Occupational health and safety in the field of inspection, measurement and carries out technical activities. As of 2010, the TURKAK Type Inspection Body Accreditation continues to serve as .


UZMAN MUAYENE VE GOZETIM  has served leading companies in each sector of the health and safety of the area and continued to progress in this direction within the framework of the objectives is an organization that has a say in this field in our country.


Our goal is , first of all workplaces in business enterprise as we work to improve the health and safety culture , both field applications is to help provide the necessary documentation of business scope as well as legislation. On the other hand with the work we do on every platform to create accepted values ​​and standards we intend .


Occupational health and safety is a requirement of universal human rights. In this context, occupational health and safety of people and communities to the highest level in the rise of living standards has a very important place . The most advanced societies , the fact that the health and safety of employees is the most important communities that already face us .


Professionals working in occupational safety first , we find ourselves in this regard as appropriate to locate appropriate people working on a voluntary basis . In this case our part , our country is to contribute our ensure occupational health and safety issues to a better understanding of the importance of for there to be prevented materially reduce moral losses and completely in this field and technical know-how to the developments in this regard. Expert Inspection and Surveillance , the best to all customers within this perspective , the most comprehensive and high quality service, always will be proud to show the difference in giving the industry time.