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About Accreditation

 Accreditation of conformity assessment bodies conducted studies and therefore these studies result in organized by AoC documentation (test and inspection reports , calibration certificates , management system documentation, product documentation, personnel files, etc.) is a quality infrastructure designed to promote the reliability and validity . ( The ) 
Accreditation examples of work life quality management systems , occupational health and safety management system, are common in areas such as environmental management system . periodic checks and technical measures relating to occupational health and safety , indicating the accreditation requirements of the inspection bodies EN ISO / IEC 17020 : 2012 " Conformity Assessment- Conditions for the operation of inspection bodies in various Type " is conducted in the framework of standard. TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 inspection bodies according to the standard A, B, C type are grouped . Type inspection bodies must be independent and impartial party to the issue , it should comply with the requirements to ensure the independence and impartiality .Having been accredited to offer some of those goods and services according to the laws of our country is a must. For example, the elevator will make the annual periodic control bodies should be accredited as a Type A Inspection Body for .Accreditation is not a legal obligation to provide edilirliklerinin cases are preferable in terms of accreditation bodies and organizations: ·        To ensure the independence and impartiality of the staff of the inspection body measures are available.·        minimum requirements in terms of technical competence of inspection body personnel indicate that meet .·        a system of internal controls related to the studies are available.·        It made the calibration of measuring instruments used , and therefore indicates that within the tolerances specified margin of error .