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Non-Destructive Testing

inspection machine to be made , materials, control and inspection type is made ​​without damaging the integrity of the equipment or part .

Without disturbing the properties necessary for the purpose , to try and test types which allow inspection of all necessary without damaging material called non-destructive testing methods.


Periodic Inspection and Testing of work equipment ; Terms of the Use of Work Equipment Health and Safety Regulation , relevant standards and the manufacturer are carried out by several methods in mind.


( For example, hydrostatic testing, static testing , dynamic testing, NDT methods , etc.).

These test methods are often used methods of depreciation of machinery and equipment as business and because of the strain on the capacity utilization of existing capacity may cause unwanted damage.


Workplaces used machinery and equipment of the existing force majeure due Destructive are unable to do the examination ( to stop production , etc. not be applied to other test methods . ) And non-destructive testing methods specified in the standards are allowed to make periodic checks. Non-destructive testing methods for making periodic checks on hallder about that question that will be held in conjunction with the machinery and equipment should be noted in this regard the grounds periodic inspection report.


Non-destructive testing , including periodic checks on the status of all business equipment and lifting equipment, pressure vessels primarily in use; Machinery ( finished or semi-finished products ) and test equipment in the manufacturing process , resource controls, the controls are implemented in the control and certification of plumbing widely .


Information on the non-destructive testing method ' in the Use of Work Equipment Regulations Health and Safety Conditions 1.7.5 of Annex III is located . We see in sub-paragraphs 2.1.1 and 2.1.3 .


In case of non-destructive inspection methods of periodic control machinery and equipment to be kept , of course , these controls only trained according to EN 473 standard engineers and technicians have received training or are the same can be done by high technicians .


UZMAN MUAYENE VE GOZETIM, EN 473 (ISO 9712 ) certified according to the standard , the level II and level III which specialized engineers controller staff , periodic checks of equipment in accordance with industrial and business equipment regulations with products originating applications Non-Destructive Testing Services provide support through precise and calibrated measurement tools, your business the periodic inspection and testing of used machinery and equipment accredited inspection body is the first to perform an independent and trusted 3rd party engineering controls offering high standards of service .








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